Mitigating Gaps between SRHR and
Safe abortion advocacy

hang out


A monthly gathering of youths to discuss on SRHR issues

true friends

College College

A discussion program designed for school and college students

Social media

Campaigns run for online advocacy through social media

Youth Advocacy

An intensive workshop on safe abortion advocacy for youths


happy women day


Collaborative series to discuss safe abortion and similar issues

Who we are

About Us

YoSHAN (Youth-led Sexual and reproductive Health rights Advocacy Nepal) is a young feminist organization where young people of diversity thrive together to protect the right to bodily autonomy of all people through discourses and actions on sexuality, Sexual and reproductive health rights, gender, feminism, Intersectionality and movement building.

We are reproductive health warriors

We are a group of youth champions committed to advance the sexual and reproductive health rights movement in Nepal with primary focus on safe abortion rights. We challenge the discriminatory norms and amplify our feminist actions through collective efforts.


Build safe abortion rights movement in our community

Amplify our pro-choice actions through collaborations

Dare to challenge the harmful social norms

Advocate for the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Simplify our pro-choice actions through collaborations

Support all the people who seek abortion

Trained youth champions
community reached
social medias outreach
abortion centers

Abortion Centers in Nepal

Abortion was legalized in Nepal legalized abortion in September 2002 the procedural order was passed in 2003, and the first ever Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) service was started at the Maternity Hospital, Kathmandu, in March 2004. The new law grants women the right to a legal abortion on the following grounds:

Here are the available abortion centers around Nepal. Click ‘View All’ to see the list from all the zones. We’ll update the centers according to the province very soon.


Our Works

radio program yoshan

radio Programs

We have been active on various radio programs. We also aim to spread awareness through radio broadcasts.

campaign yoshan


Join our campaign ·Sexual and reproductive health rights, gender, feminism, Intersectionality and movement building.


We update various blogs on different topics. They are informative plus for awareness cause.


We organize various type sof events and campaigns on different parts of Nepal to spread awareness about sexual health.

We have a dream

To build a society where an individual’s choice about their sexual and reproductive health is respected and supported.

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Social Media

We love getting social. Follow us on all of the main social media channels. We think it’s a great way to build an on-line community where we can share all news, ideas and events.

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