About Us

We are a group of youth champions committed to advance the sexual and reproductive health rights movement in Nepal.

The color is a mix of energy and youthfulness

Who we are


Youth-led Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Advocacy Nepal (YoSHAN) is a  feminist organization where young people in all their  diversity thrive together to protect the right to bodily autonomy of all people through discourses and actions on sexuality, Sexual and reproductive health rights, gender, feminism, Intersectionality and movement building.

Since our establishment 2019 with a collective mission to help society change its perspective on reproductive health. To date, we are thriving to eliminate the orthodox practices on reproductive health, unsafe abortions, and malpractices on various health issues working closely from the roots of society.  

Our Goal

Mission. Vision.

We are a group of youth champions committed to advance the sexual and reproductive health rights movement in Nepal with primary focus on safe abortion rights. We challenge the discriminatory norms and amplify our feminist actions through collective efforts.

Supporting Voices

Attending YAI broadened my understanding of gender and patriarchy and its connection with safe abortion. The session on intersectional walk helped me to acknowledge the structure and diversity of our society. The YAI elevated by SRHR advocacy.
Ashmita Thapa
Youth Champion
The entire experience of YAI helped me build a better understanding of the challenge that women in my part of the world, and beyond are facing. I can state with the utmost certainty, that the experience has shaped me up as a more empowered yet equally compassionate person.
Niharika Khanal
Youth Champion
Being a Youth Champion was the best proven journey in my personal and professional life. I was not only aware about how to provide SRHR services in right based approach, but also got empowered to take decision over my own body.
Durga Sapkota
Youth Champion
Gender identity is a person's private sense of their own gender. This is separated from their assigned sex and appearance. Because gender identity is an internal experience, it cannot be assigned, diagnosed, measured or disproved by anyone else - a person's gender identity is their own.
Mandira Shrestha
Youth Champion