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All Going To Be OK

Ms. Lirisha Tuladhar is our Youth Champion. Ms. Tuladhar is a passionate activist who works in women’s right to safe and legal abortion service. Lirisha puts her writing into beautiful words to celebrate the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion.

We had fallen in love…

Madly … Deeply.. Truly..

Our love acknowledged at once

Knotted with the bonds of togetherness

Bound to the reality of society

We were Responsible for the family

Balancing our life the in soberity

Its time to set a sign of love- They said

Its time to get a gift of God- They believed

It will be a boon to cherish- They persuaded

Its an achievement of trust- They relieved

It started growing in me slowly and slowly.. 

Within my womb gradually , deliberately

Was I ready? Were we ready to handle the new responsibility?

1 week gone…

 Is this what God wants? I ask myself

No! Says my voice to me

Its not about God-Its what you want -says me

Will I be punished for breaking the trust on our love? Questions to myself looms up

No! Where love exists- there is no doubts on trust at all

What if the society does not accept us anymore? Fears me

What if you fail to take the responsibility at all? Questions back myself to me

You are still young to cherish your love again

Think well before you decide 

You want happiness and not pain.

There is no togetherness you cannot abide

I say to myself – Its alright to wait

I say to my husband- We already have our present life to appreciate

Yes! Our love is endless- says he

Yes! We shall revive it again- says me

The candles of joy will indeed light

A new day is yet to come after this night

Smiles ignited in our relationship and love We knew- we were able to set it all right

There is nothing wrong – we realized

I know I took the right decision today

Safe Abortion is what we had chosen

And the future is going to be all Okay.

– Lirisha Tuladhar