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The term #guff4youth was coined when we were talking about a safe space the young people should have to discussion anything that leads to productivity and positivity. YoSHAN creative core team members came up with a concept to initiate a monthly forum where we invite interested young people through our social media for #guff4youth. Guff in Nepali means chitchat. It would be chitchat over a tea, leisure or an invitation.

We do not have exact format for the event. However, we are more concerned about the content we are discussing on the day as we want to tiger the topics which the participants find difficult to understand and speak in the mass. #guff4youth is participatory. YoSHAN arranges a safe place, announces the event, invites participants, orders tea and cookies and facilitates the discussion. There is no binary-right or wrong. We encourage everyone who are part of the guff to speak up what they think. On the moral grounds, we do not judgement what one thinks about the specific topic. We target towards clarifying the values within few hours so that they would return with new learning.

Yes! Topics are mostly related to sexual and reproductive health rights. We have expertise on SRHR which we are proud off. We simply want young people is just understand how the body functions and why we need to love it.

We start conversation with a simple word. For example, CONSENT. We request the participants to share what comes in their mind when they hear consent. CONSENT is a simple word with strong message in depth. To curate how its relevant to our day to day life, we sometime have presentation with short videos, memes, news articles. This frames our conversation and we end with a positive message.

We announce #guff4youth in our social media handles so do not forget to follow us. We always try to come up with new topic, good attitude and fresh environment.

Stay connected if you want to have guff with us.