We aim to impact positively in society with our work, campaigns and events. 

More than 200 trained youth champions

YoSHAN has trained more than 200 youth champions through national and local youth advocacy institutes till date. Through the youth advocacy Institute, the young professionals are trained on SRHR and safe abortion advocacy so that they can work and advocate independently on the issues. The youth champions include medical students and medical practitioners, nurses, midwives, social workers, community workers, researchers and so on.

our work

Reached more than 500 community people

YoSHAN has engaged with many community people including school going young people, women working in brick factories and young people to aware them about sexual and reproductive health rights and abortion rights through our regular programs Guff4youth, Jamghat, Milijuli and others. Till date, we have reached more than 500 community people through both online and physical sessions.
our work

Active social media outreach

Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, YoSHAN has been successfully engaging people especially young people on discourses related to gender, sexuality, feminism, abortion rights and other relavent subjects. Through our social media campaigns, content competitions, day celebrations, many young people have approached us to become a part of the activism.