No babe, I am not your muse!

No babe, I am not your muse!

~ Garima Nepali, Youth Champion

No babe I am not your muse

For I will not be decorating your heart

I will be burning it instead

With extreme questions and

Asking the rationales for your answers


Don’t ever try to tame me

 Your cages are too small for holding my passions

And never wish to hold me

I have got the essence of river

 Tell me,have you ever been able to control its flow?


No, honey I’m not your sweetest pleasure

Let me make you clear,

I will be demanding mine too

And yes we both will be equally involved

But you wont even be setting my boundaries

As I will always be making my own

And ofcourse I wont be fitting on yours


But baby we can always linger together

Creating a beautiful world

With us taking care of ourselves first

And making ourselves perfect for eachother

Nurturing each others strings of emotions


We can always claim our powers

Together we can keep in the flame burning

Keep being intimidated by one another

Of how you care about my needs

And how I make sure u are always mine.