Pro-choice Poetry

Pro-choice Poetry

~ Seema Chaudhary, Youth Champion

I’m sorry but

Don’t wanna talk,

cause I am in a mission before I’m dead

To draw the blinds and show abortion is safe

I’m all about a woman’s right

I’m all about a woman’s choice

To save the lives, please hear our voice

Decriminalize abortion, make it stigma free and safe

So I can save an innocent’s fate

Stop, taking our rights and fight away

I’ve never been so aware, so wide awake

No, nobody but we can keep it safe

And I’m on my way, I’m on my way

This is our movement, its our fight

Safe abortion keeps us safe, this is our right

So, take oath and move away

Abortion has been safe than never before

No, nobody but safe abortion can keep us safe

And safe abortion is on its way

The voice for safe abortion is on rise

The fire burning in this fight

No, nobody but WE can keep it safe

And I’m on my way