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Safe Abortion Rap

~ Aakash Sherpali, Youth Champion

1 2 3, safe abortion is free!
4 5 6, safe abortion is not a risk!
7 8 9, safe abortion is super fine!
10 11 12, its your body your choice,
do what is well.

13 14 15
Why are you so hateful and mean?
16 17 18
Respect their choices, no matter adult or teen

When abortion legalized, it changed women’s fate.
2002 was the year, remember the date!

But…Stigma and taboo is still killing lives
Join our hands to save them from every sides .

Start safe abortion advocacy, come on do this dare
Start it from your home and spread it every where.

Tomorrow, today, everyday, we are busting abortion myth
We are Youth Champions, pro-choice is who we are with
We will forever prioritize a woman’s right to live
We will forever prioritize a woman’s right to live.