Patriarchy and Abortion

Patriarchy and Abortion

~ Reena Bhagat, Youth Champion

The word’ Patriarchy’ is a combination of ‘Patri’: father, men and ‘Arch’: rule or govern. We are so much obsessed or say under influence of this that we have completely forgotten our mother. This has led us to completely forget women’s contributions to us, our family, society and whole country. Our mind is so preoccupied with patriarchy that each activity is influenced which interestingly we don’t even realize.

Abortion being human right; not every country gives its approval for people who wants to access it safely. And those countries who support abortion, it’s a time for making the country abortion policies more liberal and stigma free.

Abortion is not just her issue rather it’s our and everyone’s issue.

Patriarchy and abortion are interlinked leading stigma as a barrier for people accessing the service and care. Even service providers providing safe & legal abortion care are stigmatized.  It’s a high time to make a difference.

Change is a demand of time and it’s a time for revolution now.

I am ready for change, are you? Just give a thought and save lives of million women and young girls who are dying because they are denied of a healthcare service- Safe Abortion.

Come and join me to fight for stigma free abortion service for everyone.